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Rush Hour ( 1998 ) Malay Sub

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When Hong Kong Inspector Lee is summoned to Los Angeles to investigate a kidnapping, the FBI doesn't want any outside help and assigns cocky LAPD Detective James Carter to distract Lee from the case. Not content to ...

The Hangover Part III ( 2013 ) Malay Sub

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This time, there's no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off. [hidepost] Watch Download [/hidepost] Watch Download

The Hangover Part II ( 2011 ) Malay Sub

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The Hangover crew heads to Thailand for Stu's wedding. After the disaster of a bachelor party in Las Vegas last year, Stu is playing it safe with a mellow pre-wedding brunch. However, nothing goes as planned and Ban...

The Hangover ( 2009 ) Malay Sub

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When three friends finally come to after a raucous night of bachelor-party revelry, they find a baby in the closet and a tiger in the bathroom. But they can't seem to locate their best friend, Doug -- who's supposed...

The Mule [2014] 720p WEB-DL

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::STORY LINE:: A first time drug mule is caught by law enforcement. [hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE | [/hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE |   | DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE |

This Is Where I Leave You [2014] 720p Bluray

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::STORY LINE:: When their father passes away, four grown siblings, bruised and banged up by their respective adult lives, are forced to return to their childhood home and live under the same roof together for a wee...

28 Weeks Later BluRay 720p [2007]

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The Pink Panther 2 ( 2009 )

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When legendary treasures from around the world are stolen, including the priceless Pink Panther Diamond, Chief Inspector Dreyfus is forced to assign Inspector Clouseau to a team of international detectives and exper...

City of God [2002] 720p Bluray

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::STORY LINE:: Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.. [hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE | [/hidepost] | W...

The Skeleton Twins [2014] 720p Bluray

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::STORY LINE:: After ten years of estrangement, twins Maggie and Milo coincidentally cheat death on the same day, prompting them to reunite and confront how their lives went so wrong. As the twins’ reunion reinvigo...

Gold [2014] DVDRip

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::STORY LINE:: Twelve years ago, Ray left town after his childhood sweetheart, Alice, dumped him, taking their daughter away from him. Now he must return home at the request of his ailing father, who wishes to see ...

28 Days Later BluRay 1080p [2002]

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MacGrubber BluRay 720p [2010]

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Dying of the Light [2014] 720p WEB DL

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::STORY LINE:: Veteran CIA agent Evan Lake has been ordered to retire. But when his protégé uncovers evidence that Lake’s nemesis, the terrorist Banir, has resurfaced, Lake goes rogue, embarking on a perilous, inte...

By the Gun [2014] 720p WEB DL

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::STORY LINE:: Nick Tortano is a smooth-talking, ambitious criminal from the streets of Boston. After years spent working for and idolizing the Italian gangsters he finally proves himself to the boss and becomes a ...

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