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The Last Showing [2014] 720p BluRay

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::STORY LINE:: A couple trapped in a cinema are manipulated into becoming unwilling actors in a film being captured by CCTV cameras. [hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE | [/hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE |   ...

Perfect Sister BluRay 720p [2014]

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The Covenant BluRay 720p [2006]

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Run Like Hell [2014] 720p WEB-DL

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::STORY LINE:: When four friends end up stranded in the small town of Spaulding, one local family offers help. The family’s real motives become terrifyingly obvious, as the couples find themselves fighting for thei...

The Hunted [2013] 720p WEB-DL

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::STORY LINE:: Chasing their dream of landing their own hunting show, two hunters head into the dense, secluded mountains of West Virginia only to realize they are not alone. [hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE | [/...

Born To Race Fast Track [2014] 720p Bluray

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::STORY LINE:: Danny Krueger is a twenty-year old drag racer who plays by his own rules. After winning a scholarship to the prestigious Fast Lane Racing Academy, Danny finds himself competing against some of the fi...

Grace of Monaco [2014] 720p Bluray

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::STORY LINE:: The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly’s crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French i...

The Dead 2 : India BluRay 720p [2013]

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Leprechaun [2014] 720p Bluray

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::STORY LINE:: chilling secret. Ben (Dunbar), Sophie (Bennet), David (Fletcher) and Jeni (Roxburgh) quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be when the town’s residents offer the hikers an old c...

Game of Assassins The Gauntlet [2013] 720p WEBRip

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::STORY LINE:: In a sunken castle underneath the earth, five strangers wake. They have no food. No memory. No water. And no way out. They don’t know it yet, but they’re capable of something they never imagined. The...

The Scribbler [2014] 720p HDRip

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::STORY LINE:: THE SCRIBBLER follows Suki (Katie Cassidy), a young woman confronting her destructive mental illness using “The Siamese Burn,” an experimental machine designed to eliminate multiple personalities. Th...

Space Station 76 [2014] 720p HDRip

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::STORY LINE:: A 1970s version of the future, where personalities and asteroids collide.. [hidepost] | WATCH ONLINE | [/hidepost] NEW PLAYER | WATCH ONLINE |

Serena and the Ratts [2012] 720p WEBRip

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::STORY LINE:: In the dawn of the discovery of time travel, Serena, a young, beautiful killer-for-hire, teams up with an underground renegade group to prevent a high profile assassin from traveling back in time to ...

Obvious Child [2014] 720p WEB-DL

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::STORY LINE:: For aspiring comedian Donna Stern, everyday life as a female twenty-something provides ample material for her hysterical and relatable brand of humor. On stage, Donna is unapologetically herself, jok...

Into The Storm (2014)

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A group of high school students are in a car together as a storm is brewing. When the storm gets worse, the kids look up ahead and see a tornado approaching. A girl begs for them to go, but the boy recording on a ca...

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